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Disney Princesses as sloths.


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[10/12] characters - Graham Humbert

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“At a deep level, changes in a language are threatening because they signal widespread changes in social mores. At a level closer to the surface they are exasperating. We learn certain rules of grammar and usage in school, and when they are challenged it is as though we are also being challenged. Our native language is like a second skin, so much a part of us we resist the idea that it is constantly changing, constantly being renewed. Though we know intellectually that the English we speak today and the English of Shakespeare’s time are very different, we tend to think of them as the same—static rather than dynamic.”
— Casey Miller and Kate Swift, “The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing: For Writers, Editors and Speakers.” (Link)

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Colin O'Donoghue & Josh Dallas @ Nintendo Lounge On The TV Guide Magazine Yacht, San Diego Comic Con, Day 3 (July 26, 2014)

Lana Parrilla & Emilie De Ravin


Lana Parrilla & Emilie De Ravin